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We are the developers of Plastic SCM, a full version control stack (not a Git variant). We work on the strongest branching and merging you can find, and a core that doesn't cringe with huge binaries and repos. We also develop the GUIs, mergetools and everything needed to give you the full version control stack.

If you want to give it a try, download it from here.

We also code SemanticMerge, and the gmaster Git client.

Talking about SCM in Dr.Dobb's Portal

Monday, July 31, 2006 Pablo Santos 2 Comments

A couple of days ago, DDJ finally published my article about SCM in small shops. Is something I wrote long ago, talking about my experiences in my previous company, where we developed ERP software.
I was alredy very focused on SCM, in fact we were already planning starting up this company. Codice Software's first target was creating a product capable of solving configuration management problems from small to big companies at an affordable cost, just fixing some of the big issues I mention at DDJ's.


  1. As I can see, you're the one of the few managers able to take control of one typical chaothic Delphi project.


  2. Well, the article is written for almost one year already... I was telling my experiences at my previous company... where we used Delphi...
    Taking control? Well... trying... :-P