Talking about SCM in Dr.Dobb's Portal

Monday, July 31, 2006 2 Comments

A couple of days ago, DDJ finally published my article about SCM in small shops. Is something I wrote long ago, talking about my experiences in my previous company, where we developed ERP software.
I was alredy very focused on SCM, in fact we were already planning starting up this company. Codice Software's first target was creating a product capable of solving configuration management problems from small to big companies at an affordable cost, just fixing some of the big issues I mention at DDJ's.


  1. As I can see, you're the one of the few managers able to take control of one typical chaothic Delphi project.


  2. Well, the article is written for almost one year already... I was telling my experiences at my previous company... where we used Delphi...
    Taking control? Well... trying... :-P