Obtaining reports about repository activity

Thursday, April 03, 2008 0 Comments

What if you want to know which revisions have been created in the last days? Who made the changes, where? Or if you're looking for changes made at a certain component to locate an specific modification you'd like to review?

It is very easy now with the customizable views in Plastic 2.0.

Take a look at the following figure (click to enlarge):

I've customized the changeset view to actually display revisions. And I'm using the query system to retrieve the revisions I've created since April 1th at our main repository.

I'm then using the filter box to focus on the revisions at the directory 01nerva

The query is very simple:

find revisions where date >= '4/1/2008' and owner = 'pablo' on repository 'codice'

Of course I could go even further and try to focus on the revisions created on a given branch, or bigger than a certain changeset... and so on.

The following query will locate the revisions created at two repositories after a given date on a branch different than the main one.

find revisions where date >= '4/1/2008' and owner = 'pablo' and branch != '/main' on repositories 'codice','pnunit'

As you see, the query system is very useful to create activity reports, locate certain changes, inspect modifications and so on.

Hope it helps!

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