Plastic on Solaris 10

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 , 4 Comments

Well, it's been a *real* pain to build mono on Solaris 10!! Compared to this building in OpenSolaris was veeeery easy.

I'll try to repeat the process in the coming days and try to create a detailed guide. Building libgdiplus was specially painful, but I guess I've been doing something wrong (I hope!).

And then, finally, a real "back to the future" screenshot here:

I used to love this beauty about ten years ago, and now it doesn't look that nice anymore (although I still like it :-D).

And another screenshot, this time with a most modern look & feel:

I love Solaris, so being able to run the Plastic GUI there is some sort of Christmas present for me... :-) I love Solaris since I started reading the Jim Mauro articles about threading and so on, and later his great book about internals.

But, to be honest, after being using Mac OS X (10.4 & 10.5) for the last three years (and almost on a daily basis during the last weeks) it's clear there's a message for the Solaris folks out there: hire a graphics designer! (ok, if you have one... fire him and hire a new one!!)

So, what's next? Ok, there's only one OS I like better than Solaris... OpenBSD! So stay tuned..


  1. and after OpenBSD... OS X!?

  2. :-)

    OS X is *already* there! We've just to upload our website to include the download package. If you can't wait I can send you a direct link...

  3. This is fantastic! I look forward to a detailed description!

  4. Motif always has a sub-standard look...