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Friday, April 03, 2009 1 Comments

As most of us Mac developers will be aware, Xcode comes with FileMerge, but sometimes you just need a little bit extra. I recently came across Changes, here's how to use it with Plastic.

After downloading, install the Terminal Utility to give yourself the command line interface. Then, from within a workspace, you can diff two revisions like so (I'm using BASH):

$ chdiff <(cm cat <(cm cat

To get this working from within the Plastic GUI client, we'll need to edit the client.conf file which is located in ~/.plastic/client.conf.

Find the section <DiffTools>, and a few lines down replace the "mergetool" entry with this:

<string>/usr/bin/chdiff "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile"</string>
Restart the Plastic GUI client and diff away.

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