We're releasing! Plastic SCM and SemanticMerge 0.9.31 are now out!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 0 Comments

Hi all!

We're happy to announce the new Plastic SCM 4.1 release and also a new version of SemanticMerge

Plastic SCM is out

The new BL464 is now out. It is a new weekly release (remember we create one every day (ok, or almost every day since we're creating 4.2 releases too) and we publish once a week)

Nothing huge under the sun with the new build but it includes some bug fixes:

  • Improved the help text of the "cm replicate" command so it is now easier to read (and hopefully understand)
  • We fixed a "case sensitive" issue in the Visual Studio plugin: when renaming something like ACLInfo.cs to AclInfo.cs the change was discarded. It is now fixed!
  • We also fixed a bug in the "profiles window": trying to edit a profile without any profile selected on the preferences window was throwing a null exception
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the configure server wizards (gui and cli) from loading the configuration from disk
  • Fixed a test connection error on the client wizard trying to connect to LDAP using SSL
  • Fixed some missing chars at the end of a line in the difference textbox, when the line had the ampersand (&) character. (Non-Windows platforms)

And the new SemanticMerge BL031

While we're working hard to release a new important version with major new features, in the meantime we released BL031 (0.9.31) with an important fix on application startup. We were supposed to have released this one a couple of weeks ago but something was wrong on the build and it is now fixed


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