September 17, 2014

Update progress

The update operation is the responsible of downloading files and directories from the repository into your workspace. It can be a time consuming action if there’s a high number of files to be downloaded (or updated) or if the overall size is big. The equivalent to “update” in Plastic is “checkout” in SVN and Git jargon.

We added a new “update progress” so that when there’s a lot to be downloaded you get more precise feedback:

The progress is updated in 4Mb blocks which is the transfer unit we use. It can be a chunk of a big file or a group of small files summing up to 4Mb.


This feature is only available in version 5.4 ( - Jun 26th 2014 and higher). 5.0 won’t get this one merged since the code is built on top of some other changes and improvements developed for 5.4 only.

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