New Release BL063.5!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007 , 1 Comments

We have just released Plastic SCM 1.5 Build 63.5 (internally BL063.5), and we have focused on our customer demands as a lot of you have been asking us to include Plastic SCM integrations with task tracking tools.

And that is what we have included on this new release:
  • Integration with JIRA: Atlassian JIRA software provides reliable data mapping features that allow data type transformation with PlasticSCM. Companies can use JIRA to quickly improve the power of Plastic´s change management features.
  • Integration with Bugzilla: This widely used open source tool reports and assigns each bug to the appropriate developer; it can be used to keep a list of “things to be done” as well as prioritize and schedule tasks. Bugzilla integration with Plastic SCM provides a strong ALM solution increasing a team´s productivity.
  • Integration with Trac: Trac is an open source issue tracking system for software development projects. It uses a minimalist approach to web-based software project management. Plastic SCM integration with Trac assures minimal time and effort spent administering the system as well as complete traceability of all development work.
  • Integration with OnTime: OnTime is a commercial tool provided by Axosoft which can be used to link defects, features and tasks to branches in Plastic.
    Each Plastic branch will correspond to an associated issue in OnTime: the result is a complete and powerful Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution.
  • Integration with Mantis: Plastic SCM integration with Mantis will allow you to set up your optimum development process; it guarantees that the development team is synchronized with QA.

You can find more detailed information here.

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  1. Great Codice,

    we are planning to integrate ontime this year, this is a big present for us


    GPI Software.