We are back in this blog to announce that starting from the version, our On-Prem customers for Unity Version Control (Plastic SCM) can now use Microsoft Entra (Azure AD SSO) as a new authentication method, using the SAML protocol.

This allows you to use your existing Microsoft credentials to log in to your repositories and start using the Plastic
GUI and the CLI.

This new authentication integration includes both the user and group permission settings, which you can configure
in the Azure Active Directory through the Microsoft Graph API.

Big fanfare and excitement to announce the greatest, biggest addition to the version control space in years!

Here's what you can do with a Dynamic Workspace:

  • You can create a workspace pointing to a repository of 102 GB and see it consistently on your computer in under 2 seconds.
  • You can mount a huge repository in your laptop where the working tree is 25 TB and navigate it even when you don't have that much disk space available.

How cool is that? We believe it is the most significant capability we've ever added to Plastic. A giant leap. We believe Dynamic Workspaces will transform the way we interact with version control. They are the foundation for what we consider the future of version control.

Don't believe us? Watch this quick demo:

collaborate seamlessly any time, anywhere, and on any device.


We've been working on an improved version of WebUI for our Enterprise and Cloud Edition users and are excited to announce its release to the public. Our goal for WebUI is to connect teams and help increase productivity for real-time content creators by providing deeply integrated role-based workflows so that all Plastic users can easily get their work done.

With this version, we explored some of the problems creators were encountering and asked how we might be able to address them. For example, if a technical artist needs to review their team's code but does not have a local setup, they can easily go to https://www.plasticscm.com/orgs/<your-org-name> to collaborate seamlessly any time anywhere and on any device.

Improved WebUI

In a previous post, we saw how to connect Plastic with Discord.

Let's see now how to connect Plastic with Slack and receive Plastic events on our Slack channel thanks to webtriggers.

We just released Unity ID support through OAuth. Now, you can strengthen the security of your Plastic Cloud organization by asking users to login using Unity Id with two-factor authentication.

Do you want to receive Discord notifications from Plastic SCM like the one below?

Follow me; it's easy!

It's official! Códice Software, the company behind Plastic SCM, has been acquired by Unity Technologies!

This is very good news for all our users. We'll now have more power to expand and grow to make Plastic the best version control system available, which is what we always wanted to achieve.