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How to connect Slack and Plastic SCM

Monday, May 10, 2021 Pablo Bayarri 0 Comments

In a previous post, we saw how to connect Plastic with Discord.

Let's see now how to connect Plastic with Slack and receive Plastic events on our Slack channel thanks to webtriggers.

Configuring Slack to receive Plastic events

  1. Open the Slack workspace you want to receive Plastic events.
  2. Click on Browse Apps in the Apps section:
  3. Select App Directory:
  4. It will open your browser to see all existing Apps approved for your workspace. Click on Build:
  5. Select Create a custom app:
  6. Insert your new App Name, your workspace, and click on Create App:
  7. Add Bots functionality:
  8. We will add permissions. Click on Review Scopes to Add:
  9. We need to add some Bot Token Scopes (no User Token Scopes): channels:read, chat:write, groups:read, im:read, mpim:read, and users:read:
  10. Once added, at the top of the page, click on Install to Workspace:
  11. Accept permissions and click on Allow. Depending on your permissions in the selected workspace, your new Application will be installed directly or it will send a request to an administrator of the workspace:
  12. When your new Application is installed in your Slack workspace, a new Bot User OAuth Token will be generated. This is your authorization token. Save it for Plastic Triggers:
  13. Now, go to Slack and search and add your new App in the Browse App menu:
  14. Now, click on your App and go to conversation details:
  15. We need to include our new App in the channel we want to send messages. Open More menu and click on first option Add this app to a channel:
  16. Select your channel and use this channel name and Slack Bot Token con create your own triggers in Plastic Cloud.
Pablo Bayarri
I'm a Senior Software Engineer and joined the Plastic SCM team in November 2020. I'm an enthusiast of good coding practices and clean code. I'm always learning about new stuff and have some solid experience in different types of software projects. My next big challenge is working on Plastic SCM integrations and also learning how to develop games.
When not coding, I like diving, playing football, and make motorbike routes.
You can reach me at @pbayarri.

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