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SCM - Task integration

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 Dave 6 Comments

We are working on the integration of the workflow engine in our GUI tool and, as a nice side effect we have the GUI extension API. One of the benefits of this integration is the ability to write simple extensions to connect to your favourite task/issue tracking tool like bugzilla, version one, OnTime, MS project or, in our case, TTS.

Here are some shots. The first one shows the branches view, with a 'branch per task' pattern, and the descriptions of the tasks associtated with branches. Tooltip on a branch shows extended task information, and there is a context menu option that shows the task in the web browser.

This one shows the tasks associated with the revisions, in the history view:

This sample extension is just 200 lines of code!

Here, the shortcut to the task (in the web application) through the context menu:


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  2. We're starting out on this path, very much like the look of Plastic, and are wondering if it integrates with FogBugz (from www.fogcreek.com). Is that possible? Or would it integrate via an IDE like Visual Studio?
    Many thanks!

  3. Hi Dave,

    We don't have yet an integration with FogBugz, although a basic one would only take a few hours to develop... I'm familiar with the tool and it is very good!

    We're also working right now on a project integrating all the Plastic GUI inside Visual Studio (2005 and higher) so all the functionality will be available within the IDE...

    Let me know if this answers your questions or not...


  4. When do you plan on developing the plugin for FogBugz ?

  5. When do you plan on developing the plugin for FogBugz bug tracking?

  6. Diego, the FogBugZ integration has been there for years already... this post is 4 years old... :)