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We are the developers of Plastic SCM, a full version control stack (not a Git variant). We work on the strongest branching and merging you can find, and a core that doesn't cringe with huge binaries and repos. We also develop the GUIs, mergetools and everything needed to give you the full version control stack.

If you want to give it a try, download it from here.

We also code SemanticMerge, and the gmaster Git client.

Plastic SCM Release is out!

Friday, September 07, 2012 Amalia 0 Comments

Plastic SCM  has been released
The features of each Plastic SCM release, up to and including the latest version, can be found in the release notes page.
As you know we're releasing a new version weekly (in fact we produce new versions on a daily basis). This week we announce twice and the last one we made public includes a few bug fixes you might be interested in:



Now, the directory or file name that contains special chars, such as '$' or '^' can be matched with the regex system used in the cloaked.conf, ignored.conf and hidden_changes.conf files. Fixed!!

Restore the "name_conflict" names to real ones

The "path in use" situation is undone when the original path, that was in use during the merge process, is released after the merge process. Fixed!!

Replicated changeset without tree

The replica was not working correctly when a checkin operation was performed between two specific steps of the replica process, due to a concurrency issue very unlikely to happen. Fixed!

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