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We are the developers of Plastic SCM, a full version control stack (not a Git variant). We work on the strongest branching and merging you can find, and a core that doesn't cringe with huge binaries and repos. We also develop the GUIs, mergetools and everything needed to give you the full version control stack.

If you want to give it a try, download it from here.

We also code SemanticMerge, and the gmaster Git client.

Plastic SCM External Release is out!!

Monday, May 27, 2013 Luix 0 Comments

Plastic SCM (Zagreb) is available now!

See the full list of changes is here. You can visit the Plastic SCM download page to install or upgrade your Plastic SCM setup.

You can suggest and vote new features on the Plastic SCM Forum page and tell us your opinion about Plastic SCM or use the User's Voice channel, as well.

I'm glad to tell you that there are lots of new issues and bugfixes suggested by you, dear users, in this release:


 Branch Explorer (from the user voice): A new configuration option has been added to display the changeset arrows from parent to children (just the opposite to the default behaviour). To configure this, add this line in the branchexplorer.cfg file:


Command line client: We've added a new command: "switch", which is an alias of "switchtobranch" or "stb". You can use it to switch your workspace to a branch, a label or a changeset. To switch to a label or changeset, you need to specify the label or changeset specification: lb:name, cs:number, or use the --label=name / --changeset=number parameters.

The following are some examples:

cm switch br:/main/HotFix-237@docu@atenea:8087

Switch to branch "/main/HotFix-237" on "docu" repository at "atenea:8087" server

cm switch /main/HotFix-237

Switch to branch "/main/HotFix-237" on default repository and server (*).

cm switch lb:Rel1.1

Switch to label "Rel1.1" on default repository and server (*).

cm switch cs:4375

Switch to changeset number "4375" on default repository and server (*).

(*) The working directory where this command is executed must be located within a valid Plastic SCM workspace. The default repository is the workspace selector repository, and the default server is the configured server to work with the Plastic SCM client.

Command line client: The "update" command now  accepts a new parameter: --last. This parameter alows updating the workspace to a branch configuration. This is intended to selectors that are configured to use changesets or labels and the user wants to load the latest changeset (a.k.a the head) of the branch that those objets belong to.

Say that the selector is like this:
repository "codice@diana:9095"
  path "/"
    changeset "464132"

And the changeset 464132 is located in the branch /main/PRE-PRODUCTION-4223/task-23434.

Now, if you execute:

cm update --last

Then the workspace will load the contents of the branch /main/PRE-PRODUCTION-4223/task-23434, and your selector will look like the following:

repository "codice@diana:9095"
  path "/"
    smartbranch "/main/PRE-PRODUCTION-4223/task-23434"


GUI: The close workspace button has been moved a little bit to the left so it doesn't collide with the left side of the tab border.
Windows - Close workspace
Diff branch: This action in the branch context menu and in the Code Review was showing the diff with previous revision instead of the diff of the file in the entire branch. This is now fixed.

Team City: Several issues fixed here:
  • Fixed an issue when retrieving the file differences of a past build. The contents of the revisions in the diff view were not being displayed. Nevertheless, there's still an issue when the file differences include a file that has been moved and its content has been changed: the contents of the "moved from" revision are not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a patch that involved a change on a symlink. The diff command used in the plugin was unable to parse the "symlink" filetype. In addition to that, removed an extra whitespace when executing a command line "cm diff" command that involves printing the diff status of involved items.
    Example (before, "*" means a whitespace):
    $cm diff cs:1 cs:2
    D**foo.c A**m.c

    cm diff cs:1 cs:2 --added *m.c

    $cm diff cs:1 cs:2
    D*foo.c A*m.c
    $cm diff cs:1 cs:2 --added

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