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Plastic SCM 4.1 and Plastic SCM 5.0 fresh meat

Friday, October 18, 2013 Luix 0 Comments

Hi, everyone!

Today I'm announcing two new releases:

  • in our Public section.
  • in our Labs section.

There are rather small but noticeable fixes that will help you enjoy Plastic SCM a little bit more.

Plastic SCM

The most important feature included here, IMHO, is the new textbox selection adjustment algorithm. Now it's easier to get the desired text selected. Some users reported that when they tried to select some text in the diff tool, merge tool or code review they missed the first character they wanted to select, which was a bit annoying.

The following picture shows how the algorithm decides when a character is included in the selection. The purple area means that if the drag movement starts there inside, the character is included in the selection.

Before this change, the purple area was a bit smaller, thus making a bit more difficult to start the drag movement the way users expected. Thus, selecting text now is more natural and less error-prone. Below, the result before and after this change.

The update behavior when there are xlinks that cannot be resolved has been improved:

  • The xlink is set as unresolved instead of checked out.
  • The old content is left as controlled instead of as private. Anyway, changes are not allowed inside an unresolved xlink.
  • Unreachable servers are supported.
  • Multiple unresolved xlinks are supported.

Web UI: Support Korean characters (Item detail view, Item annotate view, Item raw view, Diff view). A new  Web UI server property called DefaultEncoding has been defined:

<add key=" DefaultEncoding " value=" euc-kr "></add>

When a file encoding cannot be obtained, for example (windows-1252 or euc-kr) the DefaultEncoding property is used. If the property is not defined, Encoding.Default is used instead.

Some bugfixes done, as well:

  • When a cloaked xlink was out-of-date in the workspace and a merge that modified the xlink (but there were no changes inside the xlink) was executed, the committed xlink changes could result in a wrong content.
  • Team City plugin: it was not reusing a workspace to perform an incremental build.

Plastic SCM

In addition to the improvements integrated in the release, this release includes the following new features:

The cm diff command is now able to diff copied and replaced revisions correctly (for example after a merge or a shelve).

Git Synchronization: Now Git submodules are imported as text files with the SHA of the target commit as content. This way it is possible to track changes in the submodules. The file mode for this kind of files is set as 000.

Finally, we've fixed a problem in diff tool that made that the horizontal scroll was not updated when switching between several files.

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