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Plastic SCM release 3.0.19

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 Miller Auker 0 Comments

In this latest release of Plastic SCM version 3.0.19 we introduced a bunch of new features and bug fixes,
Beside the release notes here, this blog will higlight some of the things we introduced/fixed in this release.
Just in case you haven't downloaded this version yet you can do it here

Let's start with new features:


Plastic SCM now integrates with Team City Continues Integration
from JetBrains through our own plug in get it here log in and download the Team City plug in

Mantis integration:

Now we support the latest Mantis 1.2.4

Shell Extension:

Include the annotate view. when right clicking on an item,
users will be able to annotate that item.

Visual Studio integration:

Added support for solution folders.

Check in dialog with task control now allows including recent comments:

When Plastic SCM is configured to work with a task control on task on
changeset mode, the check in dialog now allows including recent
comments, as the usual check in dialog.

Bugs fixed - most important:

Adding items from the GUI in Linux was not working:

This was a Mono issue related to return the focus to the parent window when the Comments
dialog was prompted.

The diff now opens as a separate window when it is called from the merge dialog or the 3D tree:

When diffing items from the merge dialog or the tree, the difftool was opened embedded as a
Plastic SCM view (when this setting was configured this way), which was not usable, since the
difftool was opened behind the dialog.

Branch Explorer:

When the last two changesets on a branch had exactly the same date, the
latest was drawn outside the branch.

Visual Studio integration:

There was a problem when the workspace that contains a solution binded to Plastic SCM was
deleted. Then, when the solution was opened in Visual Studio and the user executed a Refresh Status operation a null was reported.

Add dir + file was not recursive:

Selecting a file and a directory and performing an add operation from
the GUI did not add the directory recursively. Now the user can add recursively or non-recursively when a directory is selected.

Improvements, visible and behind the scene!

Active Directory authentication:

Although in the release notes this is mentioned as a bug, but in fact it is an improvement, Plastic
SCM was directing all the user queries to the central server instead of a remote (local) one if existed. This was causing performance problems since users needed to be resolved.
We where using an older method, now we use a new one GetDomainController method.
You will need to update the server to 3.0.19 to benefit from this improved AD resolution.

Shell Extension:

Performance issues noticed on the Windows Explorer related to external
drives (especially floppy drives) and network mapped drives when the Shell Extension was installed.

Improve search toolbar:

Search boxes in difftool, mergetool, code review and annotate view.
Now not only the buttons are clickable, but also the labels area.



Improving some error messages:

The update report message "Can't load root item..." has been improved
to include more information about the causes of the error. In addition to this, if the user clicked on 'retry update' an assert false was

When diffing identical revisions a message with the caption "Error" was shown, now the caption is "Information".

last but not least view the full release notes for the complete list of improvements and bug fixes in this release here, and we hope you enjoy this one!

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