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Mylyn plug-in and Plastic SCM

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Amalia 0 Comments

Plastic SCM integrates natively with a number of issue tracking and project management system like Atlassian Jira, FogBugZ, Mantis, VersionOne, Rally, Bugzilla and others. Now the integration and task visualization is also available from the Eclipse side using Mylyn.
You can install the Mylyn plug-in for Plastic SCM in easy way. You only need to download Plastic SCM from version
Perform the following installation procedure to install the Mylyn plug-in. Launch the installation wizard for Plastic SCM and click “Next” until you reach the “Select Components” window.
In this window you can select the components you want to install. You have to check the “Eclipse plugin” and “Mylyn-Ecplise plugin” check-boxes as you can see in the figure below:

The Mylyn plugin depends on the Eclipse plugin so if you only select the “Mylyn-Eclipse plugin” you will see a warning in order to remind you the dependency:

Click “Next” and follow the installation prompts. Now you have to fill in the path where your Eclipse has been installed. For example, in my case: “C:\Juno\eclipse”

Click “Next” and you will see that the setup is ready to install Plastic SCM on your computer.

Now that the all everything is installed let’s see how the Plastic SCM Mylyn plug-in works. In order to do that, open your Eclipse, and select “Window -> Show View -> Other”. Inside the "Show View" window all the Mylyn view will be available to be included in the Eclipse perspective.

Now, you’re ready to configure Plastic SCM to work with Mylyn. Click on “Preferences -> Team -> Plastic SCM for Mylyn.”

Now, you're ready to try the Mylyn plug-in.

For more information see the "Mylyn migrate to Plastic SCM 4.0" post. Enjoy it!

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